Property Division

Sophisticated clients should work with sophisticated attorneys. Individuals who own significant assets or who are considered high net worth individuals should work with legal counsel that understands the whole picture. The lawyers and experts at the JBell & Associates PC are mindful of your assets, financial obligations, liabilities and tax implications. Our team has experience solving complex property division problems arising from high-end divorces.

Generally speaking, New York and Texas law recognize two types of property: community property and separate property. Community property includes all property and debts acquired or incurred during the marriage. Problems frequently arise when the parties disagree on the accrued value of a home or a business. Equally problematic is the determination of a spouse’s contribution to the rise and success of a business during marriage.

Separate Property

What constitutes separate property? When significant assets are in dispute, the question of separate property becomes an important one. Is the business that I formed before marriage separate property? What is the relevance that the spouses co-mingled all income during marriage? Is my trust safe? Will our prenuptial agreement be enforceable?

Wealthy New Yorkers and Texans retain the JBell & Associates PC to benefit at a maximum in the property division process. Whether it is the house at the lake, the condominium in Manhattan, or the premarital business idea, our attorneys and experts are skilled to represent your rightful interests.

The JBell & Associates PC has profound experience in dealing property division issues. Our team of experts consists of accountants, forensic experts, financial analysts, and investigators— all dedicated to one goal: to protect your interests.

Tax Considerations

One additional unique advantage at the JBell & Associates PC is its great reservoir of resources. Seasoned public accountants and financial analysts assist the Firm and its clients on a routine basis to reach optimal tax outcomes when clients go through divorce.

When assets are being transferred between spouses and U.S. bonds, life insurance plans, annuities, and the sale of the principal residence are at stake, specific tax laws may apply. We think ahead.

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